Office and Industrial Moving
Industrial Mover prepared for Office Relocation

Industrial Movers and Office Relocation

For a smooth office move

When it’s time to expand, downsize, or relocate an office, the move is crucial to the continued health of your organization. Star Moving makes it easier for you and your staff by bringing experienced people and proven processes. Whether moving a single office across town, or an entire corporate campus from one coast to another, we can provide any office or industrial move over any distance.

We start with a thorough understanding of your project timeline and scope to create the best logistics plan. Our proposal takes into account your needs for productivity, scheduling our services at times that are most convenient for you and your staff, with no disruption to your operations.

Count on our industrial moving professionals.

Our project expertise extends to every aspect of office and industrial moving, including the relocation of desks and filing systems; libraries and document storage areas; warehouses and inventories; storage areas and supplies; furnishings, artwork, and decor.

We provide unpacking and inside placement of goods per the relocation plan, as well as debris removal and recycling. Should you need help with installation, we can provide on-site services for assembly of modular components and KD furnishings.

Moving office computer systems

Should your office move require the relocation of computer and information systems, we work with your technology staff on a plan that allows you uninterrupted operation. We observe best practices for handling every aspect of your office move, including clean rooms.

Prepare for a successful office move

We’ll help you plan your best office move. We verify dates and work with your team to make sure you have the necessary materials. Our site supervisor takes the lead for our crew and works with you to code items for proper placement. We know that paying attention to the details saves time in the long run. We work so you make the transition with little or no down time.

For your best assurance of a smooth office move, we recommend you engage our project management service.