Household Goods Storage
Storage Facilities for Household Goods

Storage Facilities for Household Goods

Signed, sealed, and delivered at your request

When you need a place to keep your household items safe for a while, we offer a safe, secure environment. We will come to your home and inventory your goods as we pack them into storage vaults. We’ll seal the containers and transport them to our warehouse. Then, using a lift truck or forklift, we stack them onto storage racks, where they stay until you need them.

When you are ready, simply notify us and we’ll deliver the vaults to your new location, still sealed as they were when we first picked them up. As the seal attests, your goods are untouched from the time we place them in the vault until you break the seal and take them out of the vault at your new home.

Flexible storage options.

In many cases, everything a family decides to move will go from the old home right into the new one. But sometimes you just can’t take delivery of everything at first. Perhaps you want to do some painting and carpeting before you bring in one of your bedroom sets. Or, maybe you’re living in a temporary residence while you look for a permanent one.

Relax. Whatever your situation, there’s a storage option that fits with ease and economy. These include situations where you might opt for storage in transit (SIT). We’ll take your household goods into our secure warehouse where they may sit until you are ready.